(by Peer Schaefer, peer@wolldingwacht.de)

recept.h: Clever containers for Inform 6.21

Alpha-testing one of my games I discovered that it was possible to put a vacuum-cleaner into a purse. That told me two things: (1) To be an alpha- oder beta-tester you have to be absolutely nuts. (2) Containers should be aware of volume, size and weight.

I hacked something out and think it works satisfactory now. It's now ready for beta-testing and has the following features:

Full documentation (with four examples) is included in the file.

OK, OK, it's no masterwork. It's a relatively simple and small library contribution. Some of you cool programmers out there might even consider it to be trivial. But it's complex enough to confuse a dull programmer like me, and large enough to contain some bugs.

An here are the downloads:

Bug-reports, suggestions, corrections of my bad english (or just congratulations) are welcome! Send to Peer Schaefer, peer@wolldingwacht.de.

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