creating RTF-documents from XML-source

This is a simple Perl-script which creates a Rich-Text-document (RTF) from an XML source.

Download here.

Please fork this. I don't have the time to merge patches. Please feel free to seize the project, but it would be nice if you drop me a line.

Usage: xml2rtf [OPTIONs] [FILEs]
Converts a XML-file into Microsofts(R) "Rich Text Format" (RTF).

 -h, --help      display this help and exit
 --verbose       be verbose
 -d, --dump      write output to STDOUT
 --libxslt       use Perls XML::LibXSLT library
 --xsltproc      use the external program "xsltproc"

If no XML-file is specified, the program reads from STDIN.
If no XSLT-stylesheet is specified, the program uses a build-in default stylesheet.
If no RTF-filename is specified, the program creates a filename from the filename of the XML-file and appends ".rtf" (or, if input is taken from STDIN, it outputs to STDOUT).

xml2rtf                 reads XML from STDIN and writes RTF to STDOUT.
xml2rtf name.xml        reads "name.xml" and writes output to "name.rtf".
xml2rtf name.xml --dump reads "name.xml" and writes output to STDOUT.

The build-in stylesheet recognizes the following tags:
 <document>             encloses the whole document
 <document format="FORMAT"> uses FORMAT ("a4" or "letter")
 <p>                    paragraph
 <p align="ALIGNMENT">  paragraph, aligned left, right, centered or justified
 <i>                    italics
 <b>                    bold
 <ul>                   underlined
 <strike>               strike through
 <caps>                 all caps
 <smallcaps>            all caps with lowercase in smaller caps
 <outline>              outline font
 <font face="FONTNAME"> use font FONTNAME
 <font color="COLOR">   use color COLOR (standard HTML/CSS-names are recognized)
 <font size="POINTS">   use size POINTS (standard is 12)

xml2rtf version 0.9. Written & Copyright (C) 2014 by Peer Schaefer (peer@wolldingwacht.de). Licensed under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL), version 2 or later (at your choice). This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GPL for more details.

Written and Copyright © 2014 by Peer Schaefer (peer@wolldingwacht.de).